About Me

Hello Friends, 

My name is Emily Washines, I am enrolled in the Yakama Nation. I am also Cree and Skokomish. I am a scholar. Most website features history and culture. 

I have been married for 12 years and we have three children. I am the founder and CEO of Native Friends. I am the former Miss Yakama Nation, Miss National Congress of American Indians, and 1st Runner-Up for Miss Indian World.

Helping All-Stars



  • Master of Public Administration I The Evergreen State College
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Policy & Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor:

    Economics I Central Washington University


About Native Friends

A Native lifestyle empowerment brand with a focus on language, history, and culture. Native Friends gives information to inspire conversations with families, tribes, and communities. Native Friends travels to speak on topics including: Food Sovereignty, First Foods, Treaty Rights, Fishing Rights Climate Change, Riparian and Wetland Restoration and Native History. We have community organizing with a specialization in Native American policy and communication. Initiatives include Treaty Leaders! Supporting tribal members in treaty rights, Yakama War: Searching for Descendants of Yakama War, Native American Language Revitalization, and Return of Wapato: Traditional Food. Native Friends publishes a blog and short videos on a variety of Language + Lifestyle topics.

What if you're not a tribal member?

That is okay. You are welcome here too. I have often been the only Native in a room or the only one people knew and I will help your understanding of Native values and history. Also, others can support Native goals. 

What is the purpose?

We can each be helpful to the world around us. I'm here to give insight into Native American life. Yes, I do sometimes dissect federal policy Natives face. Native Americans face misconceptions about who we are. This means that while we navigate our own cultural identity, we explain and represent who Natives are...all 500+ tribes. That's a lot of weight and information to expect someone to carry. I set out to build what I wished I had growing up as a reference for myself and for others.

Believing in someone is important.  

A good part of why I am here is because others believed in me or one of my random ideas. Remember, I believe in your awesomeness too. A lot of my emails start with, "I'm trying to learn/teach..." If you have a topic request or question please send it my way.  


Some of the topics will be light, some topics will be heavy. I am optimistic and will sing We are the World at a moment's notice, but sometimes, I cover the sad topics. Please know that I approach this carefully, with a lot of caffeine and thought.

Why this may not be a good fit for some:

  • We respect the oldest data set in North America (oral history, elders, traditional knowledge, etc.)
  • We respect food sovereignty and the people that uphold those rights (Treaty Rights, Fish Wars, First Foods, etc)

Whew, that's a little intense, but it's good to be clear. 

Next step: Are you in? 

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