About Me

Hello Friends, 

My name is Emily, I am an enrolled in the Yakama Nation. I am also Cree and Skokomish. I have been married for 12 years and we have three children.

Helping All-Stars


  • Master of Public Administration I The Evergreen State College
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Policy & Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor: Economics I Central Washington University



About Native Friends

Native Friends gives information on interesting topics to inspire conversations with families, tribes, and communities. From growing up on the Yakama Reservation to traveling to other tribes and to working in state, tribal and with non-profits, I have found so much value in conversations. These ultimately build our understanding and ability to connect. When we are informed then our knowledge benefits our families and communities. 

What if you're not a tribal member?

That is okay. You are welcome here too. I have often been the only Native in a room or the only one people knew and I hope to help your understanding of Native values and history. Also, non-Natives can support Native goals. 

What is the purpose?

We each have insight and a perspective that may be helpful to the world around us. Believing in someone is an important tool one needs to motivate us to achieve impressive results. A good part of why I am here is because others believed in me or one of my random ideas. I believe in your awesomeness too. If you have a topic request or question please send it to me. 


Some of the topics will be light, some topics will be heavy. We have a mixture of resources to further your abilities or support of Native language, history, and culture.

Are you interested? 

If this sounds interesting then you're in the right place. I know your time is short, mine is too. I am carefully creating resources so that even the most time-crunched person can be inspired for a moment. Subscribe to the email or follow me on social media.