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Return of the Wapato in the Evergreen Magazine, featuring Emily Washines a Yakama Cree Skokomish tribal member


Spotlight: The Evergreen State College. (February 19, 2019). Interview with Emily Washines, MPA Tribal Governance Alumna, By Yen Huynh 

Article: Article: Yakima-Herald Republic. (Nov 26, 2018). Scholar and historian to speak about “Wedding, Wapato & War” during Wednesday talk at Yakama Nation Cultural Center, by Tammy Ayer

NW News Network (Nov 28, 2018). A Yakama woman’s promise to her elders sheds light on a forgotten Pacific Northwest war  

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Article: Yakama Nation Review. (Aug 2018). Power Paddle to Puyallup Toppenish, WA: Yakama Nation.

Cover Article: The Evergreen Magazine. (Feb 5, 2018) Return of the Wapato, by Sandra Kaiser

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Case Study, Book & Report: 

Authored or co-authored with Emily Washines, founder of Native Friends

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