Treaty Leaders

So, I’m talking about the Fish Wars from 30+ years ago. Then someone gives a sigh of relief and exclaims, Thank goodness that’s over!

My mind flashes to…

The fisher threatened for usual and accustomed fishing and blamed by some for declining salmon.

The gatherer that got asked to dump their roots out of their wapas, because they are viewed as trespassers.

The hunter that just went to get meat for the funeral, which is a three-day ceremony and meals served throughout, but now his truck is online getting negative comments.

Our ancestral fridge is a treasure...

Sometimes others try to lock the door.

Continuing our way of life is supported by court and communities. Yet, sometimes we have to show unlawful actions taken against us. 

How do we explain this quickly?

Will they support us and other tribal people’s rights?

What is a Treaty Leader?

So long as we continue to hunt, fish, and gather where our ancestors did, our once upon a time is still happening on Native land called America. 

Treaty Leaders! Quote by Emily Washines, Native Friends. Emily is enrolled with the Yakama Nation, with Skokomish and Cree ancestry

We need Education + Support  

Treaty Leaders! Native Friends is proud to educate and show support for tribal members and their treaty rights. Each tribe has their own governing documents.

For the Yakama Nation, we reserved the right to fish, hunt and gather in all usual and accustomed places. The focus of this will be in the Northwest.

There are 500+ tribes, you can read more about them at Tribal Nations & The United States: An Introduction (National Congress of American Indians).  


Past, you can see many of photos and appreciation for our ancestors fishing or by the water.

Today, tribal members look for ways to gain support and understanding for fishing.

Still, we have fishing cases.

 We can…

Support Treaty Rights

Educate about food sovereignty.

Share our stories and photos.

Food Sovereignty includes ensuring our cultural connection to our homelands with access to traditional foods, and recognizing First foods are intertwined with Native lifestyles. 

Thank you for supporting Treaty Leaders!

Share #TreatyLeaders

Here are some images to share and help support Treaty Rights. Examples can be for presentations, powerpoints, or social media. 

Treaty Leaders! What is the First treaty? Second Treaty? This is explained by Emily Washines, Native Friends


Leaders of Yakama Treaty Rights, by Emily Washines, Native Friends

Treaty Leaders! A community campaign to educate about tribal treaty rights, including fishing in usual and accustomed places. By Emily Washines, Native Friends.

If you use them on social media tag Native Friends and #TreatyLeaders


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