We need more resources for our Native American languages. Well, you're in luck. I share everyday language tips to videos. Just click on the link and it will take you to a blog post. 

Wish there was more? Send me a message or post a comment. I have ongoing language requests and am here to help. I have even been to the store and someone stopped me and asked to pronounce a family name. While I felt surprised, it is my honor to help. While I am more familiar with Ichiskiin, I do speak other Native Languages. 

Here are blog posts that include Native American Language:

I'll give a couple photos so you can preview a couple

 3 Tips for Native Language with Kids 

12 Days of Native Language (Includes video)

How to Count to 10 in Ichiskiin (includes video)

Quick Guide for Native Language: Ichiskiin  (includes greetings & daily words)


This is a very popular post for language learners and teachers. 

Quick Guide for Native Language: Ichiskiin  

Daily greetings and phrases in Native American language - Ichiskiin (aka Yakama language)


I had a lot of fun with this

12 Days of Native Language (Includes video)

12 Days of Native language, by Emily Washines, founder and CEO of Native Friends



Upcoming Project

This is a preview of a project I'm working on called Shiyax Ewinch (Good Man). Alternate spellings are winch or ɨwench.  Subscribe to the email for updates. 

Shiyax Ewinch. Good Man. A new poem and video by Emily Washines, Native Friends (in progress)


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