Video - Yakama War: Ayat (woman)

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Have you wondered about the Native American perspective in history?

Yakama people were a part of one of the largest treaty councils in the United States. In the delay of U.S. ratifying treaties, there were four years of war. In the northwest, one of the first battles took place in 1855 between the Yakama people and the U.S. Yakama War: Ayat (Woman), includes a historical account of that battle, which the Yakama people won.

The part of the story that is omitted in the U.S. history books, is that Yakama women fought in the war. Another aspect is historical accounts often depict Native Americans as hostile and blood-thirsty. Yakamas lived peacefully among non-natives for many years prior to the 1850s and only engaged war to defend our families. Through this story, viewers can hear the Yakama language (with English Subtitles). 

Even if you are weary of war topics, the film advocates that history should be shared so that the next generation does not forget.

Length: 6 min 38 sec

By: Emily Washines, Native Friends