Film Screening - The Silence Within

2017 Film Festival Selection

Honored to announce that my short film The Silence Within, is one of nine selected to screen at the 2017 One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival, short films. The overall event is Friday-Saturday. Featured on the Spokesman-Review, "In keeping with their mission, the One Heart Native Arts and Film Festival, now in its second year, will again provide a platform for indigenous art in mainstream entertainment in the Inland Northwest."

Short Films

One Heart Short Film Showcase
Saturday, September 9 @ 10:30 am - The Bing Crosby Theater, Spokane, WA

Hosted by Steven Paul Judd
      • #stillhere, by Desmond Hassing
      • Yakama Kids PSA
      • Spared, by Kody Dayish
      • Colville Kids PSA
      • Xalax Ti: Red Lizard House, by Jeff Barehand
      • Squatch, by Ethan Amos
      • The Silence Within, by Emily Washines
      • & it’s all you want anymore…, by Wanbli Ceya
      • Opal, by Ramona Emerson

The Silence Within, A short film by Emily Washines, founder at Native Friends
Natives often face internal struggles from the silence within that hides in crevices at tribes, and this film is a call to action to use our voice to inspire and heal.

Working with Native kids: 

When I started filming this, I did not anticipate really having my kids in the film. However, my kids really wanted to help. By that I mean, they kept riding their scooters around me as I filmed. One wanted to be everywhere helping. The other wanted to be more behind the scenes. Our one-year old jetted in and out of scenes and photos. I was able to hold him long enough for one photo to include in the film, which is also below. Also, I wrote this script, which started as a poem while holding him. As frequently happens with busy moms, I multitasked. It is important to share a little about that process with you. Have you had to multitask and change your to-do list to accommodate others recently? Sometimes additional requests help our work flow. Kids inspire our voice and art.
The Silence Within, a short film. Scenes with kids

I am sharing some lines from the film. I randomly selected these to give you a sense for what the film is about. 

Lines from the Film: 

These lines are from the beginning

The silence within rumbles and shakes
Knock, knock he is here
What is he looking to take?
She opens the door.
The Silence Within, a short film by Emily Washines

These lines are towards the middle of the film. 

She waits, but there is silence
The warriors on horseback  
with shiny arrowheads never come
She prays to be her own warrior. 
The Silence Within

I am honored

Again, it is such an honor to have this film selected at One Heart Native Arts Short Films 2017. Thank you for the recognition of Native filmmakers.
This short film breaks the silence on many levels and I hope you are able to attend this film screening or another one in the future. Please subscribe to Native Friends for future screenings and updates. 

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  • Congratulations Emily!
    Wished I could of made it. Looking forward to seeing your short film.
    So prod of the woman, mother and wife you are becoming! ?

    Dawn Magee- Cobell

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